Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beware the Ides of Merlot: The Looking Fine at 29 Kick-Off Party

A few weeks ago, my friends JMac and Turner and I were sitting at Tono Sushi having dinner.

“What do you want to do for your birthday?” Turner asked politely.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

“We’ll have a party,” JMac declared. (Which is a completely normal response from anyone, of course. Though if you knew J, you’d know that having a party is her response to everything. It’s your birthday? We’ll have a party. You broke your leg? Let’s have a Get Well party. You’re becoming Catholic? We’ll have a Foods of the Bible party. Having trouble with your manfriend? We’ll have a party to take your mind off of it. You did your laundry? Well done, let’s have a party.)

“We’ll have it at my house!” Turner chimed in.

Okay! So, party established, we decided that it needed a theme. Prom, we said. Better yet! Prom Revisited!, Prom 2.0!, would be our theme, complete with spiked punch, cat fights, and JMac even agreed that she’d give birth in the bathroom. Oh, and dresses. There would of course have to be dresses. Frilly, foofy, marshmallowy dresses that make you feel like a prom princess, when all you’re missing is the tiara. It was all coming full circle, we thought, as months ago, at another party, the DC gals and I had been talking about having a party where we would all dress up in former bridesmaid dresses just so we could finally get some use out of all those silly, frilly dresses that the various brides swore up and down we would be able to wear again, with the added bonus that “the dresses totally don’t even LOOK like bridesmaids dresses!”

As an aside to my friend Olivia – Hey Liv! Look, I actually DID wear the dress from your wedding again!

So this past Saturday evening, on the Ides of March, to be exact, we celebrated. We celebrated my birthday, and I also decided that we would celebrate this blog, and this party would double as the kick-off to a year of adventures, challenges, and mayhem. While it wasn’t a requirement to wear a former formal, it was highly encouraged. If it was prom-wear circa the 1980s, even better, extra points to you. Turner even went out and purchased a balloon bouquet so we could have a background for pictures, though she originally wanted to do a balloon arch.

“But then I thought maybe that was a little much,” she’d told me earlier. “And besides, it wouldn’t fit in my apartment.”

“Understandable,” I said. “Maybe for my 30th. I feel like a balloon arch should be saved for my 30th.”

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight
So, Interneters, here for your viewing pleasure, are a few photo highlights from The Party That Was. Or The Party That Kicked Off This, My 29th Year. Or Prom 2.0. Whichever you prefer. The dresses were amazing. The fun was outlandish. JMac and I even got into a fight and decided that we cannot room together at college next year, even though WE’VE BEEN PLANNING ON THAT SINCE SOPHOMORE YEAR AND WERE EVEN GOING TO HAVE MATCHING BEDSPREADS. She thinks she is soooooo cool and she still has not apologized, and our friendship? Is Over. And JMac, I’d appreciate it if you’d give me back my Sarah McLaughlin CD. Oh, and BTDubs? Jeremy P. doesn’t even like you. He’s only talking to you because he thinks you’re easy. He told me so. In study hall.

Pre-Prom photos. Note my corsage, particularly the baby's breath. That Scalzo thinks of everything! Also, JMac, in the black, wore this dress to Homecoming in 1994.

I think Turner's dress, in green velvet, is particularly fetching, even though our friend Lindsay said her mom wouldn't let her get that dress claiming it was indecent.

The morning after Prom, Scalzo woke up on my couch moaning about a throbbing headache. "I think someone spiked my Prom punch!" she wailed. I didn't say anything for a moment, remembering, and thanking God I didn't actually drink the Prom punch, and then piped up, "So, yeah, I was in charge of making the second batch of punch, and we didn't have enough Malibu, so I poured in some tequila that was sitting there, too." If Looks = Kill, Me = Dead. But only until the other night when JMac 'fessed up that she'd thrown some tequila into the first batch as well when no one was looking. So we're not at the top of Scalzo's hit list right now. No. Not at all.

This isn't just practical and me trying to be good to my joints and not wearing high heels for once. This is also an homage to the Saint Mary's College Freshman Formal. Smell, this one's for you, darling girl.

JMac and I are THROUGH being friends. FINE. She can go off to Northern with her precious little roommate Scalzo and WHAT. EVER. I am soooo not speaking to her anymore.

The clear winners of Best Dressed Couple. It's the peach satin that really makes it, no?

Whatever it was, it was funny.

It was inevitable. You knew there would be swinging arm motions and wine spilled, and you knew it would be on the dress that I fondly refer to as The Creature. In this, my 29th year, I hope to rid myself of my klutziness. However, things aren't looking good on that front. But I still hold out hope. Someday.



Anonymous said...

Good job on the re-cap. It was a party not to be missed and I'm thankful I was able to be a part of it. Though yes, I was a bit surprised that my friends would spike my punch.

Scalzo :)

ps...J is rooming with me next year...at Northern. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

LOVED the party and LOVED the story!! Am fully enjoying Looking Fine at 29!! Can't wait for the next story!

Anonymous said...

I was crying laughing at your recap! So wish I could have mad it!! Looking forward to the next adventure!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am Scalzo's friend from back home and your dresses did rock! I am way impressed and wish that I could have been around to attend this one, of course as Scalzo's date!